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    Our Company is specialized in canyoning, that is why we offer a wide range of strolls and destinations for a day or a weekend. We can also offer you to participate in one of the courses we organize. (Personalized training)

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    Enjoy the mountain in safe and quiet way with our guides. We offer a wide range of day excursions and peak or passage ascensions, so that you can discover exceptional parts of Pyrenees.

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    We offer the possibility to arrange an expedition. Explore new countries with us and do not worry about anything else. We accompany you to realize your dreams. You can find canyoning destinations everywhere: Mallorca, Greece, Maritime Alps…

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  • 50% off all women

    Book your activity on 7th, 8th and 9th March and redeem it in March, April or May

    oferta barranquisme march 8

    If you are a woman, you will receive a 50% discount on our entire range of activities in the province of Lleida, you have to book (reserve implies an advance of 30%) during the 7th, 8th and 9th of March. You will come with whoever you want (man, woman, child …) to realize the activity during the months of March, April and May, get more information to find out everything about our activities.

    Celebrate your woman condition!

    This offer can not be combined. Will be apply it only for women although the final group maybe a mix of genders. Each woman can only benefit from the offer once and is valid only for canyons located in Lleida area, please Take a look at our offer!

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    Choose your gift Voucher

    Option A: GIFT VOUCHER, Canyon valued at 45€

    Option B: PREMIUM GIFT VOUCHER, Canyon valued at 55€

    Download your voucher, put it in an envelope and delivered to your gift recipient.

    You can redeem your adventure when you want it.



    Espones integral (All day canyon)

    barranc de tot el dia, all day canyon, barranco de todo el día
    Explora Guies, innovation!
    We are the first company in our area offer a ravine of these characteristics.

    Length canyon: 2 km

    Hours into the canyon: 5 to 6 h aprox.

    Hours total activity: 8 hours aprox.

    Lunch included: Prepared by El Celler dels Joglars, one of the most renowned restaurants in the area.

    Fun: Guaranteed!!!

    You will enjoy this canyon if you are beginner as if you already have experience, you’ll find everything you expect from a good canyon, fun slides, jumps and abseils of all sizes to implement your skills. Is currently a canyon very little traffic. Come with us to discover this new activity.

    Price promotion: € 80


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    Family canyon trips

    Children love Canyoning!  A water park in nature with jumps, slides, abseiling and zip-lines!

    Is your child 7 years or older, fit and agile?? Then come and adventure with us in a beautiful natural setting. We have lots of experience working with children in the Canyons. We will spend the day playing in the water where there will be challenges and fun for all ages.

    We are giving you the opportunity to have excitement with your family, strengthen ties, and spend time together creating memories that will last a lifetime.

    The wilderness of Catalan Pyrennes is a peaceful place with small villages, the highest mountains of Catalonia (3143m), big glacial valleys and one National Park waiting to be discovered by you.

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    For more information please email:

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  • We are a team of professional guides

    As a company we were given the status of innovators and perfectionists, we have 14 years experience in the area of guidance. We guarantee the safety of our services. Explore Guies appeared to improve the present. Every day we meticulously do our work.

    We work with groups personalizing our services for the particular group of people. We pay all necessary attention for every person… Quality is our reason for being.

    • 1) Guide in canyon of Catalonia, Aragon and French Pyrenees with offering the possibility of trainings, both in the descent, beginners or advanced course.

      2) Mountain Guides in the Catalonian and Aragon Pyrenees. We make trekking, climbing and passages.

      3) Equipment service, maintenance and cleaning of natural infrastructure. Contact us to discuss the case.

      4) Equipment rent and sale of second-hand equipment.

      5) Information center of climbing and canyoning of our area Pallars Sobira, Jussa and Aran

      6) Direct sale of mountain books.

      7) Organization and guidance of expeditions to different parts of the world.

    Anna Prat

    Founder Guide

    Professional guide with more than 14 years of experience in canyoning and mountain activities.

     “We are professional qualified guides with more than 14 years experience in the field”

    Our philosophy

    Providing quality products with following basic points:

    1.To create a personalized product with limited growth as organization, always maintaining the family character.

    2. To offer safety, quality and free time.

    3. To provide a competent product, adapting to market rules. To improve the quality of the product or service, even if it means increasing of the cost. We look for quality and not for benefits.

    4. To respect the work of the guide; reward a professional and friendly guide before the activity begins.

    5.Convey the idea that the tourist can ask for a guide. Regardless of the stipulated duration of the activity, pay attention for customer’s needs and not on the activity schedules.



    You do not have the backpack? Or you have torn neoprene and getting cool? We offer rental equipment from leading brands, Rodcle, Seland… We have all sizes even for kids, neoprene for children (limited number). For more information please contact us, we will answer all your questions.

    Rental Price
    Full Neoprene 15 €
    Neoprene jaket 8 €
    Neoprene overalls 8 €
    Harness 11 €
    Helmet 6 €
    Backpack + watter bottle 11 €
    Watter bottle 4 €

    If you need some equipment… we will rent it to you!
    We also have all the information you need to make your own activity. Due to our personal experience we are guides of the area. Weather forecast bulletin, wi-fi




  • Select your activity on the map

    In the map of activities you can find our offer of guided activities directly marked on-site and ordered ravines, mountains or any destination of expeditions.

    The point marks the meeting place where the activity begins.

    You can also consult the list of activities arranged by type, destinations, price, etc..